The Mayflower is a significant part of our history. Children learn in school how the Mayflower carried ancestors from across the sea. It’s a known name, and its history carries more weight than many think. This explains why in Boston the replica of the Mayflower, the Mayflower II, is such a big deal. The ship underwent a lengthy renovation project, and after a few years of fixing, the Mayflower II will return home in the spring, just in time for the town’s 400th anniversary commemoration of the original landing. Learn some other reasons to visit Plymouth for Mayflower II’s return, below!

Key Mayflower II Facts

  • Mayflower II was built in 1956, and 62 years of exposure took quite a toll on the surfaces and underpinnings.
  • The ship was built in Brixham, England, and was a gift to America in honor of the friendships formed during World War II.
  • 70 percent of the ship will be new after renovations.

400th Anniversary Celebration

The return of Mayflower II is slated to sail into the Boston Harbor on May 14. It’ll dock in the Charlestown Navy Yard for a six-day maritime festival to honor the historic journey across the Atlantic Ocean. The ship will sail in with the USS Constitution—the first time the nation’s two most historic ships will sail together. It’s a sight you won’t want to miss.

Event Details

In the Charlestown Navy Yard, the ship will be led in by the USS Constitution, and to follow, there will be free daily native, colonial, and maritime programming provided by the Plimouth Plantation, the USS Constitution Museum, and the National Parks Service. There will be free access aboard the Mayflower II, but tickets are still limited, so if you’re interested, you’ll want to plan your trip now!

The educational programs centered on the visit will tell the story of the ship, its passengers, and the complex relationship between Pilgrims and Native Americans. They strive to provide the attention these historical events deserve and delve into the history more than schools might.

There are still more details to come, but the event will feature live music, VIP speakers, food trucks and a beer garden, and various educational opportunities, as well as historical, cultural, and educational activities centered around seventeenth-century life. Best part is, the six-day event will be free for the public!

Though travel may be a scary thought at the moment, look to brighter days ahead. Visit Plymouth for Mayflower II’s return if you can, and if you can’t, it’ll make for a beautiful day trip from Boston for the future. Reach out to New England Trips for other day-trip destinations as well and take in all the beauty of history and travel when you can!