People have loved traveling forever. They love getting to see something new, eat something new, drink something new. They like exploring a different culture and experiencing something they’ve never experienced before. That said, some people are timid when it comes to travel. The unknowns frighten them, and new things intimidate them. There’s nothing wrong with timidity, unless it stops you from experiencing something new entirely.

If that’s something that happens to you, where you think about booking a week-long trip, but then overwhelm kicks in and it’s another vacation lost, then you should take a short trip. Day trips are the perfect travel opportunity for those not prepared to take that long of a vacation. Experience all the wonder of traveling in a shorter time span. Learn some wonderful reasons you should take a day trip, below!

It Gives You a Break From Routine (Without Screwing Your Routine Altogether)

The thing about long vacations is that, yes, they give you a break from routine, but they can make it really difficult to get back into your routine. Day trips, on the other hand, give you that break you’ve been craving without screwing up your routine altogether. You can take a day off in the middle of the week and still head back the next day refreshed and not in a cloud of vacation mode. Day trips still allow you to get out of your routine just enough to relax and unwind but keep you close enough to fall right back into place.

They Provide Time to Reconnect

If you and your significant other or you and your family haven’t had time to connect in a while, day trips provide that time for reconnection. Whether you head to a new spot or an old favorite, day trips offer a chance to connect again. We tend to fall into our routines so much so that we lose sight of the relationships around us. Day trips allow us to soak into the moment but aren’t long enough for tensions to rise after being together for too long.

You Can Get Active Somewhere New

Where you may fall into the trap of too much relaxation on a long vacation, day trips actually encourage a bit more movement than their longer counterparts. Day trips usually result in some sort of activity—visiting and exploring new towns, exploring museums, wandering local festivals, hiking national parks. These activities get you and your family active in a way that a week-long beach vacation doesn’t tend to do.

You Still Get to Sleep in Your Own Bed

A big plus for families with smaller children—when you head out on a day trip, you still get to sleep in your own bed. The kids can come home from an exciting day on the road and fall into their own comfortable beds. You won’t have to worry about squeezing into a small hotel bed with your daughter, and you’ll know that everyone will get the night’s rest they need to get back into their routine the next day.

They’re More Affordable

Another important reason you may find yourself taking more day trips than long vacations is that they’re more affordable. Most people don’t want to barter for a room in a hostel, and finding inexpensive accommodations can often mean sacrificing cleanliness. So you end up paying more than you want for lodging, paying more than you should for food day in and day out, and so on. However, when you take a day trip, you’re taking lodgings out of the equation and only paying for gas, food, and attractions for one day. It’s a much more reasonable affair—one that can often be kept under $100 for two people!

You Can Plan a Lot or a Little

You can plan as much or as little for a long vacation as well, but you might feel a little guilty if you don’t do the most during your week-long vacation. Day trips, however, give you the opportunity to plan as much or as little as you want for the getaway. You can simply drive to your favorite hiking spot an hour or two away and then hike and picnic. Or you can head to a city and explore all of your favorite museums. Day trips give you the chance to be completely spontaneous and not have a schedule at all, but if you want a full itinerary, you can do that too! Since you won’t need to set up a place to sleep or deal with lodging, you’re free to spend your time just as you please.

You Don’t Have to Pack

Another advantage to a day trip is the fact that you don’t have to pack. A lot of people love traveling but hate packing and hate having to spend the night in an unfamiliar place. When you take a day trip, you don’t have to pack, you don’t have to spend the night, and you can leave room in the car for snacks and friends!

Avoid These Mistakes for a Successful Day Trip

Don’t Overextend Yourself

Like we mentioned above, you can plan a lot or a little for your day trip, but we recommend taking it slow for your first couple trips. It’s nice to have a few activities and restaurants to follow as a guide, but when you put pressure on yourself to do those things, you’ll end up stressing yourself out. Take it slow!

Don’t Forget to Research

Similarly, don’t head somewhere brand new and have no idea what you’re going there to see, do, or eat. Go in with a semblance of a plan—do a bit of research beforehand to ensure a fun trip!

Don’t Go Too Far

Day trips aren’t meant to be any longer than a day, so it helps to set a limit on how far you’re willing to drive. Remember, getting to the destination always seems easy, but getting back can get rough. Don’t travel four hours one way to dread heading back for four hours to get home.

Day trips are quite the experience, and hopefully this post has motivated you to plan a few for the future. Reach out to New England Trips for some planned day-trip experiences. You have a variety of options to choose from—day trips to Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Newport, and Plymouth! It’s an experience you don’t want to miss.