New England in the fall is one of the most beautiful places you could go to with your loved one. The foliage itself will make you fall in love in no time, but there’s also the fact that New England embodies the quintessential fall atmosphere. There aren’t many other places as fall focused as the northeastern part of the United States, and that means couples are in for plenty of fun seasonal activities to do together.

One of our favorite places to go in the fall is Newport—the longtime summer playground of the rich and famous. Residents will tell you, though, summer is not the best time to visit—autumn is. It offers many things for couples to do, wonderful restaurants to eat at, and enjoyable fall fests to experience. Read on for our guide to a couple’s long weekend or day trip to Newport, Rhode Island—planning your annual autumn vacation just got easier!

Something to Do:

Spa Day at Bodhi Spa

Start your day off right, and take part of your day to enjoy the Bodhi Spa. This is the only hydrotherapeutic spa in Newport, and it does wonders to relax your body. You and your partner are sure to feel renewed and rejuvenated. You both will travel through numerous pools and saunas that apply cold, hot, steamed, and iced water to help stimulate and detoxify the body.

Helicopter Tour

We love the idea of a romantic helicopter tour in Newport—especially in the fall when you can take in all the gorgeous foliage. These tours give you a bird’s eye view of the famous Newport mansions and the Newport vineyards. Whichever you choose to see, you’ll be glad you and your partner got to see it up in the sky; it’s an experience neither of you will ever forget.

Take a Sunset Ride

When it starts to get chillier, a walk along the scenic areas of Newport may seem out of the question; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t see the sights at all. Hop in a car—or rent some bikes if you can stand the chill—and head out before sunset to take in some of the most breathtaking views of Newport with your loved one.

Fall Fairs and Fests:

Like we previously stated, Newport is full of exciting things to do in the fall; if fairs and fests are you and your partner’s thing, check out our list of a few of them, below. Maybe you can even plan your day trip around it!

Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival

When: September 19-22, 2019

Where: Marble House, Newport

Admission: $75 to $400 depending on tickets purchased

Broadway Street Fair

When: October 12, 2019

Where: 86 Broadway, Newport

Admission: Free

Bowen’s Wharf Annual Seafood Festival

When: October 19-20, 2019

Where: Bowen’s Wharf, Newport

Admission: Free

If you decide to come for a weekend, there are various harvest festivals just ten minutes over in Middletown. They make an equally fun day, as well; check out the Newport Vineyards Harvest Festival, the Harvest Craft Fair, and many others!

Something to Eat:

The Lawn at Castle Hill Inn

Castle Hill Inn is one of the most gorgeous spots in Newport, and when you get to dine on The Lawn, it’s even better. When you come in the fall, you can enjoy the crisp air and some delicious fresh seafood and other regional cuisine. If it gets too chilly, you can ask the staff for a blanket. It’s an incredibly romantic spot for lunch or dinner.

Stoneacre Brasserie

This spot is a wonderful place to go for a delicious French dinner with your loved one. They feature a small and ever-changing seasonal menu that gets its produce from local farmers, fishermen, and butchers—they all follow the same environmental guidelines, as well. It has an atmosphere you and your partner could spend all night falling in love at, and their menu begs you to do just that. They have breakfast and dinner with reasonable prices—you don’t want to miss it.

Mamma Luisa

Rated as one of the most romantic restaurants in the United States, Mamma Luisa’s is a wonderful place for you and your partner to have a candlelit dinner. They pride themselves on their welcoming, warm, and romantic atmosphere, and boast an incredible Italian menu that has something for every diet and taste. Order a bottle of wine, and delve into a night of romance.

Something to Drink:

Cara at the Chanler

During the day, head to Cara at the Chanler for beautiful ocean views and delicious cocktails. If you don’t make it until sunset or after dark, don’t worry; it turns into an inviting upscale destination for a nightcap by the sea. They have a nice firepit where you two can cozy up with a nice glass of wine or a warming cocktail. If you feel really fancy, you can even opt for their Ultimate Romance Dinner, where you get their inventive cocktails and a private dining room—a romantic evening has never been more unforgettable.

The Vanderbilt

Come for drinks or stay for dinner—whichever you choose, you’re in for a memorable time at the Vanderbilt. There are three different areas for you to experience: the Vanderbilt Grill, the Roof Deck, or the Bar. The Roof Deck is one of Newport’s best kept secrets and provides you with a stunning view of the harbor while you enjoy a glass of champagne. In the fall, they offer cocktails and s’mores around the fire. If you decide to stay for a long autumn weekend and stay at the hotel, s’mores and blankets are complimentary, otherwise, they’re $10.

Forty 1 North

One of Newport’s finest waterfront dining experiences, Forty 1 North is much more intimate after summer. Head here in the fall, and you and your partner will walk into a romantic paradise. Stop in for drinks at one of their four different bars: Oval Bar & Lounge, the Library, the Pavilion, and Christie’s Bar. No matter which one you decide to grab drinks at, you’re in for a luxurious evening the two of you will never forget.

If Newport seems like it has everything you want for your next day trip this fall, head to New England Trips—we offer you the best of the best for one-day traveling. We make it easy for you and your partner to enjoy the day in Newport—you won’t regret it!

Fall in Love Things for Couples to Do in Newport, RI infographic