You listened to our reasons why you should visit Newport, now it’s time to figure out where to go once you get there. If you’re like a lot of people, when you get to a new place, you want to try their food—especially when it’s on the east coast. From waterfront restaurants to romantic dining spaces, we’ve laid out some of the best restaurants to try in Newport, Rhode Island. You won’t want to miss these delicious joints—check them out below!

Must-Try Eateries Out in Newport

22 Bowen’s Wine Bar & Grille

22 Bowen’s is a classic harbor-side tavern that has people coming back year after year to immerse themselves in the casual yet elegant atmosphere. It’s one of the top spots for people who want to relax in the open-air while they savor some of the most delicious and indulgent food.

We recommend you start out with their fresh oysters and their Rhubarb Shrub cocktail.

Black Pearl

The Black Pearl may make you think of Pirates of the Caribbean, but in Newport, it makes everyone think about the place with the best clam chowder in the city. Grab the cup of soup that’s made its way into various gourmet food stores and sit in the formal Commodore’s Room, the informal tavern, or the waterfront patio.

You should try out their classic twin New England Lobster Tail in addition to the chowder.

Clarke Cook House

Clarke Cook House is similar to The Black Pearl in that it has three separate dining areas, each which contain their own atmosphere. Here, there’s the upscale Porch dining room, the Candy Store Lounge, and the Boom Boom Room. No matter which dining space you choose, you need to visit this Newport institution.

They have a wine list of over 400 selections—grab a bottle and order some lobster ravioli.

Scales and Shells

Your typical east coast seafood eatery is done better at Scales and Shells. The lovely restaurant has been open since 1987 and consistently gives people a delicious, yet unpretentious, cooking style. Here, you’ll find classic seafood dishes done simply, tastefully, and exquisitely.

Try their mouthwatering Lobster Fra Diavolo which is filled with calamari, mussels, littlenecks, and lobster.

White Horse Tavern

The USA’s oldest tavern, White Horse Tavern is regarded as a national treasure and is also the tenth oldest restaurant in the world. When you come here, you’ll get transported back in time, as you’re immersed in the rustic surroundings, wooden beam ceilings, and open fireplaces. Not to mention, the cuisine is finger-licking good.

Delve into their crispy heritage pork belly and pair it with a bottle of Mi Terruno Malbec.

Flo’s Clam Shack

Flo’s Clam Shack is the place to go if you crave a true clam cake. Flo’s has been frying up some of the best clam cakes since the 1930s, so you know you’ll get some of the best out there. The dive joint is also known for its exciting atmosphere, views of Easton’s beach, and delicious raw bar. Take a break from the beach and dig in!

 Head here on a Thursday for all you can eat crab legs and a pitcher of ice-cold beer.


Take the day off and spend a long weekend digging into some delicious food while you admire the general splendor of Newport. Why not do it? Especially when you have that paid time off accrued—the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that “paid vacations were available to 76 percent of private industry workers in March 2017.” Take that time to eat and get paid for it—what better way to spend the day! New England Trips will give you the best Rhode Island day trip you’ve ever had.