No matter what time of the year you visit, there’s a lot to love about Cape Cod. Nonetheless, autumn tends to be a favorite season among locals due to its calmer atmosphere and fiery range of colors. If you’re a nature lover, you’re sure to fall in love with the beautiful town—hikes this time of year aren’t only refreshing, but they’re also perfect for leaf-peeping. Below we’ve listed a few popular fall hiking trails in Cape Cod that you should try to fit in on your next day trip.

Eddy Bay Trail


A short and simple hike that you’ll be able to fit in no matter when you visit, the Eddy Bay Trail ends with a wonderful view of Cape Cod Bay. Your midpoint will get you to the highest bluff in town, but there’s no climbing required—it’s a straight shot from the parking lot to the bluff. This hike is a great way to get some fresh air and beautiful sights in your life.

Nauset Marsh


Another easy hike, this trail leads you on a simple stroll around the marsh, which showcases a wonderful spectrum of autumnal colors. You’ll get to take in a wide range of landscapes—from woods to beaches to ponds. However, before your walk, check out the bookstore and habitat exhibit found at the Cape Cod National Seashore’s Salt Pond Visitor Center. When you exit out the back door, you’ll find a gorgeous view of the marsh, and that’s where your stroll begins—you’re in for a treat!

Great Island Trail


Though this hike may be one you have to save for a long weekend, you can break it into smaller chunks to complete it in a shorter time. No matter how much time you have, this is a hike many locals recommend. It starts with an easy walk along the shoreline of the Herring River and the Wellfleet Harbor. After that, it climbs into a pine forest, a small stone monument, and ends with sandy dunes at Great Beach Hill.

Long Point Lighthouse


The trail you’ll never forget, this hike leads you to the pointed tip of the Cape’s hook. Though it may not be the most beautiful lighthouse you’ve ever seen, the views walking out to it more than make up for the white square tower. It tends to be a bit chillier over by the water, so dress in layers, and enjoy the crisp sea air.

Lowell-Holly Reservation


This nature reserve is something you should set your sights on for your next day trip to Rhode Island. What makes it so lovely? Well, there are four miles of trails through 135 acres of reserve. Some trails take you out to a peninsula set between two charming freshwater ponds. Other trails lead you through the forests, whose trees transform radiantly in the fall. It’s a relatively easy hike that you can alter to fit your needs, but it’s best to set aside a few hours to fully appreciate the woods and ponds.

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