No matter what time of year you’re heading to Cape Cod, chances are you’re looking for some fun ways to spend your time. It’s always a good idea to have a few activities in mind just in case you encounter any snags, such as bad weather. For years, museums have been a way for people to transport themselves back in time and learn something new in an exciting way. Cape Cod isn’t short on interesting museums, so the next time you’re out here, think about taking a trip to some of the must-see museums in Cape Cod. You won’t regret it!

Cape Cod Museum of Natural History

This small museum in Cape Cod is a great spot to visit with family! With a mission to inspire appreciation and understanding of wildlife and the environment, they strive to help people discover the beauty of what’s around us. They’ve got everything from natural history to a nature education center to over 400-acres of conservation—you won’t want to miss everything they have to offer.

Cape Cod Children’s Museum

Probably the most popular of Cape Cod museums, the Children’s Museum is devoted to fun. For kids of all ages, the museum offers a tactile experience where children can use their imagination and creativity. There’s music, creative movement, art, science, exercise, literacy, and other activities that will bring joy to your family.

John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum

After visiting this museum, visitors leave inspired and informed on civic engagement. There are tons of interactive exhibitions, special programming, and different educational activities for everyone in the family to engage in. Right now, three different exhibits will provide you with a deep understanding of the Kennedy family.

Cape Cod Museum of Art

An art lover’s paradise, the Cape Cod Museum of Art is another fantastic place to spend a rainy day indoors. The collections feature pieces by outstanding artists with an association to the region and are all there to showcase the Cape’s regional artistic heritage. They have plenty of events throughout the year as well, so you can either explore alone or mingle with other art lovers.

Whydah Pirate Museum

Kid- and family-friendly, the Whydah Pirate Museum focuses on the lives of pirates with a particular emphasis on the former British slave vessel turned pirate ship. Named Whydah, “Black Sam” Bellamy captained the ship until it sunk in 1717. Since its discovery and authentication, many institutions use the collection to educate people of all ages about slave and prat history, while viewing treasure, pistols, buckles, and more.

Heritage Museums and Gardens

The final museum on our list is the beautiful Heritage Museums and Gardens. Here you’ll find 100 acres of family fun that include three breathtaking galleries and expansive gardens. They regularly host exhibitions from national museums on the themes that they are currently offering. It’s a wonderful place to take the kids and get a much-needed breath of fresh air!

Plan your next Rhode Island day trip with New England Trips and you’ll get to experience these museums in person. Take a break from the stressors of the day-to-day and transport yourself to another world!